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Three simple reasons groups choose Simply Certificates over other Fundraisers:

1. Huge Profits

The average Dining & Entertainment purchase is $50. Compared to the $12.50 sale produced by traditional fundraising products, Simply Certificates generates huge profits for your organization.

Student/Member Sales

  • Student/Member sales packet provided for each individual

  • Generous commission on every gift certificate sold

  • Orders will be delivered within 72 hours of pickup date

  • Customized reward incentives

  • Commissions earned will be paid within 14-30 days of product delivery (pending check and credit card verification)

Event Sales

  • Gift certificates may be granted on consignment to qualified organizations to be sold at various events and functions

  • Signs will be provided to assist in promoting the sale of gift certificates

  • Commissions earned will be deducted from the balance due

2. Value Conscious

The Dining & Entertainment gift certificate buyer receives dollar for dollar value, not inexpensive items at inflated prices. Entertainment appeals to everyone. With Simply Certificates gift certificates, buyers are asked to enjoy an evening out, not purchase items they may not want or need.

3. Product Appeal

Dining & Entertainment gift certificates provide the flexibility that buyers want. Valid at over 150 of the areas best businesses, they are easy to use and even more exciting to receive! Best of all, Simply Certificates gift certificates can be given s a gift, or used for an evening of food and fun.

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